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Reflexology, Reiki and Energy Therapies in Surrey Carol's site

Yoga Classes, Yoga Therapy, Yoga Events & Days, Baby Yoga and Pregnancy Yoga Penny Roberts' site

Web Design, Programming and Computers

Caterham Computing Great website design, programming and hosting, PC maintenance and repair that you can trust!

Compassion for People and Animals

The Hunger Site Give food for free, also see the Rainforest Site from here.

The BUAV - an animal dies in an EU lab every 3 seconds - request or download your Little Book of Cruelty Free here

Naturewatch - Campaigning against animal cruelty - get your Compassionate Shopping Guide here

Cats Protection - caring for the UK's cats - helping, rehoming, raising awareness

The Dr Hadwen Trust - the Dr Hadwen Trust is the UK's leading medical research charity funding exclusively non-animal techniques to replace animal experiments, benefiting humans  and animals.