Indian Head and Shoulder Massage

Do you need relief from tension headaches or sore, tight muscles in your upper back, shoulders and upper arms? Do you have trouble relaxing your mind?

This relaxing treatment concentrates on areas of the body where stress is most commonly held by many people, often without realising it.

Tight shoulder and neck muscles are loosened with gentle but firm massage, tension in the scalp, forehead and jaw is released. The upper arms are also included to ensure the whole shoulder area is treated.

Indian Head and Shoulder Massage is excellent for relieving tension headaches, neck pain, or for calming a busy brain or energising you when you feel foggy. The treatment is carried out either with oil or without oil over clothes (wearing natural fibres such as cotton is recommended).

Sue Hannaford ACSMT MCThA
Prices for Indian Head and Shoulder Massage in Caterham and Sanderstead

1 hour appointment £55 *further information here

See Rates Summary for other therapy prices.